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How to tell if cabinets are high quality?

Cabinets are in essence just like any other man-made product you can purchase.  The overall quality comes down to the materials used during construction and the techniques that are applied during construction.  Most people feel like they are knowledgeable and can see or feel the difference between high quality and low-quality cabinetry.  The truth of the matter, however, is that some modern cabinet companies have gotten really good at making lower quality materials seem top of the line.  Examples include particle board that has been lined with paper-thin panels that look good but are far from high quality.


Things you can look for to tell the difference.

Personally handle as many materials as you can. Perhaps you are familiar with the notion that you can “feel” the difference between high-quality materials and lesser, imitation products. For example, maybe you can feel the difference between real leather and fake “pleather” materials. The same things is true for cabinets. If you lift a side or front door of the cabinet and it is unusually light, it is usually because it is built with particle board. Solid wood cabinets will be heavier, studier and will hold up to everyday wear and tear.

Avoid solutions that are cheaper or short term. Big box stores will allow you to assemble and even install kitchen cabinets yourself. As a general rule of thumb the lower the price the lower the quality. If the cabinets are something you can build and install yourself, you will be sacrificing quality for ease and price. In most kitchen remodel projects replacing old and worn kitchen cabinets should be around 30 percent of your total remodeling cost. Although solid wood cabinets will come with a higher initial cost, you will gain far greater benefits in the long run.

Ask the cabinet maker specific questions. A large part of why you are working with a local kitchen cabinet company is to know that your product will last a lifetime. There is so much information out there and we are not asking you to become an expert, but the person making your cabinet should be happy to answer any questions. At Caveman Cabinetry we never pass on an opportunity to educate while we are performing our services. Understand how much weight your shelves and drawers can carry. The industry standard should be at least 75 pounds, however higher quality cabinets can carry higher amounts of weight.

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