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Top Kitchen Cabinet Design Trends of 2018

Most homeowners only get a handful of chances to achieve their vision of their dream kitchen. A fantastic way of upgrading your home is by working with a custom kitchen cabinet company. This will provide something that will stand up to the test of time in a durable and stylish manner. The concepts below are designed to inspire homeowners with smart storage and utility, adding functionality and value to their kitchen and home.

Below are some styles that can suit your needs in terms of design and functionality.

  1. Two Toned Cabinets
  2. Matching everything to the style of your cabinets is now a thing of the past. Increasing the variety of patterns and design is now extremely trendy. Typically, the top cabinets will be a lighter color from the lower half of the cabinets.

  3. Hardwood – Natural
  4. Want a more rustic look to the kitchen? Consider natural hardwoods and stains finishes for your cabinets. It warms up the look of the kitchen and let’s be honest, the look of natural wood is very sophisticated. Oaks and Cherry are very popular woods for this look and there’s a reason why this design trend has not passed.

  5. Black
  6. Embrace the dark side because black cabinetry is very trendy right now. The clean look a kitchen gets from having black cabinets and a beautiful quartz countertop with high-quality stain resistant appliances is just superb.

  7. Copper/Mixed Metal Handles
  8. Bronze, Copper, and all other mixed metal handles are being used more and more, and with dark cabinets being so trendy these handles provide such a wonderful accent to your kitchen.

  9. Storage Smart Cabinetry – Functionality Meets Unique Design
  10. Seems like you can never have too much storage in your kitchen. Spices, condiments, jars, and kitchen hardware tend to pile up over time. Seeking storage should be the biggest concern when first designing your kitchen. Achieving more storage than needed is always better and having purposeful cabinet drawers that can hold the most they can is key. No one wants decorative drawers.

  11. Smart Kitchen
  12. With technology advancing more and more throughout the years, we are starting to get more ingrained into using everything with a click of a button or a mobile application. Samsung is already implementing one-touch technology and tablet-like controls on refrigerators. So, you can tech out and get a Smart Home base with access to your oven, stove, refrigerator, and other appliances to create an almost automated experience in the kitchen.

Whichever design concept you’d decide to go with you’d like to have a designer and remodeler that will take care of your vision. From traditional hardwood finishes to high tech smart kitchens at Caveman Cabinetry there is no project too big or too small for us to handle. With our industry know-how and unique process, we can guarantee an amazing final product that is lower cost, lower risk, and overall satisfying for the years to come. Please contact one of our designers today and get a free estimate on your project today.

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