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Why Should you Consider Solid Wood Cabinets?

utah-bathroom-cabinet-companyAs with any enhancement to your home, upgrading your cabinets is a decision where you should weigh the benefits against the cost.  There are many benefits to having solid wood cabinets designed and installed for your kitchen, bathroom or even a home office.  Below are some of the things to think about when deciding to invest in custom cabinets for your home.

Benefits of solid wood cabinets

  1. Beautiful cabinets instantly provide value to your home.  A kitchen remodel is a fantastic way to have your home stand out in the market. Custom kitchen cabinets can add thousands to the value of your home.  Savvy homebuyers understand that when they purchase a home with solid wood cabinets, they are purchasing a home with cabinets that will last a lifetime.
  2. Wood is better for your health and the environment.  Many cheaper options are made with subpar materials, such as particle board and melamine. These little pieces of wood are stuck together with resins, wax, and glue.  Not only are these products unnatural, they can have negative side-effects on the environment.  Properly sourced natural solid wood will not contain these materials.
  3. Solid wood cabinets can stand up to daily use.  Natural wood will last far longer than other options for cabinets and cupboards. Laminated cabinets, for example, will begin to peel should they be exposed to water after a little while.  Particle board is also a lot more likely to expand and show damage should a small spill go unnoticed and cleaned up.  Wooden cabinets are also easier to spruce back up.  Even older cabinets that show wear and tear can easily be repaired with a little sanding and restraining, something that separates this option from melamine and particle board.
  4. You can create custom options to fit your specific design needs.  When working with an custom cabinet company, your design team will be able to hear your concerns and get inspiration from styles you like. You can pick from a large variety of wood types and even opening styles and sizes that range far beyond normal, big box cabinet companies.

Caveman Cabinetry is here to help

Hopefully, this article has brought some new items for you to consider when it comes to solid wood cabinets.  The professionals at Caveman Cabinetry are here to educate and inform.  We invite you to contact our office should you have any questions or concerns.

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